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12 Pieces of Advice from Top Professionals

If you assembled the top 100 business leaders and management professionals (newsflash: they aren’t mutually exclusive) across the top 10 industries and asked them for their best advice, I’m certain you’d never  hear anything about “value … [Read more]

The Great Manager You Need Is Probably A Woman

A recent Gallup survey examining 27 million employees led by 2.5 million managers has found that female managers, in every working generation, are more engaged than their male counterparts (41% vs. 35%). Even though those managerial engagement … [Read more]

Hiring a Manager? How to Avoid the Peter Principle

Are you hiring for an open management slot in your company? Are you looking at people who are successful in their current role and giving that success weight in your decision? You could be setting yourself up for The Peter Principle. Laurence J. … [Read more]

Below Par: Good in Golf, Bad for Hiring

Several years back I participated in a charity golf tournament that had a real twist. The only golf club allowed — for driving, fairways, short range, sand traps, or even putting — was a 7-iron. Now I’m not a great golfer, I’m not even a good golfer; … [Read more]

You’re Setting The Bar Too Low

Nobel laureate Herbert Simon coined the phrase “satisficing” to describe a decision making process that settles on the first alternative that meets the minimum requirements. It’s a play on satisfy and sacrifice, meaning that you sacrifice the best … [Read more]

Tired of the Mis-Hires?

Many of your mis-hires, false-starts, and no-go’s could have been prevented by using more than one tool. Imagine you’ve been thrust into a bass fishing tournament. The winner walks away with a new pickup truck, a new bass boat, and $250,000 in cash. … [Read more]

The Least Rotten Apple is Still Rotten

If you're comparing job applicants to each other, you're in a race to the bottom of the barrel. A few weeks ago I spoke to a manager who told me he was “fully aware” of how to benchmark his staff. Two  years back, his CEO instructed him to engage … [Read more]

7 Myths About Talent Assessments

When leaders have the right data, they make fewer mistakes and reap greater rewards. With the right data, leaders can impact their organizations, improve the lives of those working with them, and boost the bottom line. Many finding themselves in … [Read more]

What Gold Miners Know That Hiring Managers Don’t

Gold mining and hiring the best have a lot in common: you have to do a lot of digging, prospecting, and searching while using the right tools. With the right tools, your chances of finding nuggets are much greater and by using the right tools when … [Read more]

INFOGRAPHIC – The Truth About Job Interviews

Infographic is at the bottom of this page. Of the numerous vital, strategic, and tactical decisions organizations face, which people to hire is among the most critical ... and the most enduring. A good hire can have a decades long effect on the … [Read more]