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Hacked By Imam , qq:2190782403 ,

Hacked By Imam with Love , qq:2190782403 , … [Read more]

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Why buy cialis on the internet is really beneficial for you?So you've decided to order cialis and do not know where to start? We can give you some advice. First, ask your doctor for advice in order to properly determine the dosage, when you do that, … [Read more]

Hiring, Development, Engagement, and Retention Have A Common Theme

Given the state of employee engagement today (some estimates say that only 13% of the workforce is really engaged), employers and hiring managers are scrambling to find ways to keep good employees from either leaving or turning into robotic … [Read more]

A Bad Management Hire Is Almost Impossible To Correct

Tim & Selena Middleton via Flickr The devastation wrecked on an organization due to a bad management hire can last decades. We’ve all seen them. People who were promoted to a management position because of their success in a previous … [Read more]

Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

Do certain co-workers drive you nuts? Drive you up the wall? Maybe even out the door and down the street? Do you wish you could understand your boss, co-worker, or friend? How about your spouse? Your kid’s? Your kid’s teachers? "For many people, one … [Read more]

10 Signs Your Team Needs Communications Training

Recently Bloomberg conducted a study among 1,320 recruiters from 600 companies asking, “What skills does your company want or need but cannot find in job candidates?” Some of the 14 skills included items like: Adaptability Decision … [Read more]

7 Signs Your Team Needs An Emotional Intelligence Workshop

With longer lifespans, delayed retirements, and a large influx of new workers, today’s workforce could potentially have five generations working together. We’re multi-generational, multi-national, and multi-cultural all at the same time resulting in … [Read more]

Can Just Anyone Be A Top Performing Manager?

Short answer: No. Not a "top performing" manager. People don't like hearing this but despite what your doting relatives told you as a little kid or what some over-priced motivational book's author screams from a stage, each of us has intrinsic … [Read more]

12 Pieces of Advice from Top Professionals

If you assembled the top 100 business leaders and management professionals (newsflash: they aren’t mutually exclusive) across the top 10 industries and asked them for their best advice, I’m certain you’d never  hear anything about “value … [Read more]

The Great Manager You Need Is Probably A Woman

A recent Gallup survey examining 27 million employees led by 2.5 million managers has found that female managers, in every working generation, are more engaged than their male counterparts (41% vs. 35%). Even though those managerial engagement … [Read more]